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The Racing Lamborghini - 400gt

September 3rd, 2014 by admin

1966 Lamborghini 400 2+2

Competition-hardened machinery out of Sant'Agata is few and far between, but this 400GT 2+2 has documented provenance.

The twin passions raised by automobiles and racing surely intersect on a twisty back road somewhere in Italy. Ferrari. Alfa. Lancia. Fiat. Maserati. All have storied racing in their past, with names and dates and places and cars all inextricably woven into the marque's fabric and mystique; the association between Italian cars and racing is so strong that it's hard to think of an Italian car without some sort of competition provenance backing it up. The street cars benefit, in image if in no other way. After all, what captures the public imagination more than spinning overhead cams, a lusty exhaust note, a whiff of high-octane gas and subsequent exhaust, and a flash of brightly hued paint as it screams by in a blur of color and drama?

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