Fallbrook Vintage Car Show

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The Fallbrook Classic

The Fallbrook Classic I remember this show from 10 years ago I have not been in over 7 years as an entrant. As a matter of fact my last show there is was at the high school, for anybody who know this event that dates me!! With a fun bright and open new show field I had to make an effort to drive up, it’s not easy btw. Fallbrook although not far is in the hills and navigating the area with trucks and trailers can be difficult. I had no idea where it was but figured it couldn’t be that difficult to find, fortunately it wasn’t. Just a quick trip up the 15 to Avocado country maybe back and exit or two because I thought it was closer to the high school but anyhow found it. Over 300 cars!! That's a lot for a local San Diego show. There was everything imaginable there, from hot rods, classics, exotics, and I of course I brought a mean mean Bronco. My 1974 Cynergy Green with pearl popped like diamond in the sunlight.

I was eyeing that first place trophy because it also came with a free case of Fresh Locally Grown Avocados. You have to click on the Facebook link at the top of this page scroll back to about may 19th to watch the live feed, but during the awards ceremony they made an announcement about the Best in Show Tuck, and it’s on Video!! They expressed how difficult it was to pick a winner! How close the competition was! How both Trucks were simply the best that had ever seen, they marveled at the paint the exquisite attention to detail!!! My face starting grinning, I thought I had it then they said our entire decision came down to a chip no bigger than the tip of a pencil... OHHHH MAAAAAN!!! I knew it as soon as he said THAT!!! Because I knew my Truck had a nick just on the inside seam of the hood, it is the smallest nick you have ever seen, I don’t know how they saw it, but Like I said I knew it was there.

It was that point I knew the Chevy got it! When they announced Paul’s name, He looked right at me with a look to say “Are you Serious”!!! Well I have to say Paul’s truck may not be as custom as mine or have the wow factor of the Bronco, but today the judges did their Job. They noticed the smallest imperfection and picked the vehicle that was flawless!!!!! They gave a small job to correct and NO AVOCADOS!!!

LOL, I bought a Box of Avocados for 5 dollars before I left!! (Got to support your local growers)!!!

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