Cruise Nights in San Diego

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Cruise Nights and Car Shows

Cruise nights and car shows are kinda my thing. It's like church on Sunday, if you don't go, you think you should be. I try to attend as many drive nights, cars and coffee's and anything automotive as I can. Not only is it good for business to stay involved in this hobby but it brings together my friends, family and all around just good people. Being out at the events enjoying each other's cars, conversation and grabbing a bite to eat with your boys is just too much fun.

Hey do you like following all our fun activities and events? Do you like being a part of the action? Do you like LIVE on site videos of Fabulous cars and Car events? Do you like watching a Vintage Car Auction live from the seat in the front row... Well then check us out!!! We here at Precious Metals are immersed in the car hobby we do Cars Shows, Events, Drives and Cruise Night weekly if not have daily postings of our little car hobby and business. Please check out the links below, find and follow us on Social Media and become friends with us on Facebook to be right alongside us for all our crazy activities!!! See you soon!

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