Palos Verde 2018

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Palos Verde - September 30, 2018

We went to Palos Verde Concours on Sunday with these two amazing cars. Great idea for a theme at Zampoli Air Field to mix a classic cars and plane display together. We saw some very cool and unique rides, a few rare fighter planes from the WWII era. Enjoy a few of these night shots for future events and follow our page on Facebook or visit us at

The 1969 Lamborghini Islero S has recently come of a very successful summer of showing after winning a 1st at the Quail Motorsports Gathering and a win at Concours Italiano in August for Monterey Carweek 2018, we also were awarded a 1st back at the San Marino Concours in Pasadena, and some of you may remember the vehicle was proudly displayed at the Rodeo Drive Concours for Fathers day. This will be its final show for the season so if you have not had a chance to view it at any of those events please come out to the show on Sunday.

Our 1967 Ferrari GTC will be shown as well, and she is getting a full refreshing, we are shooting for 100 pts this go around. We achieved a 98.8 pts Platinum at the Ferrari Club of America event on Colorado blvd in Pasadena for April 2018, this time it is better, and we are ready for strict Concours judging. If you have seen the car in the past, please come out again and take a peek at what Precious Metals Fine Motor Cars of San Diego has corrected to Legitimately Compete for the 2018 Palos Verde Concours.

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