Lamborghini Engine Rebuild

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This story starts 2 years ago in January of 2014 when we decided to remove the engine for some tinkering. Upon inspection we noticed a few items that would require some additional work, so thus a full rebuild was now in our future. The story kinda goes dormant from there as we got extremely busy the project was catered to when we had time or when we got a new part and to only further realize we had to wait on another piece that as missed urghhhhh! Fast forward to May 28th 2017, and We Got the Call your car has been accepted!! It's what we all like to hear but not when the vehicle is torn apart and the engine is upstairs in the clean room resting. We had about 72 days as I recall to make this vehicle drive onto the field in Carmel, CA for the 15th annual Quail Motor Sports Gathering. Having shown in 2015 we knew this event and wanted to be a part of it. Challenge accepted!!! Thank You the Quail Committee its probably the only reason the car actually got done LOL.

Immediately a parts inventory checklist was made, we had an overall inspection and a plan was manufactured. We got on it in hours and began the process of assembly, rebuilding, and machining. YES! Machining with mere weeks left, needless to say we had no margin of error.

Special thanks to our team and parts suppliers as many of you know gathering Italian parts and shipping under deadline can be quite hectic, fortunately everything arrived in a timely manner and anything else we needed was simple fix.

After many exhausting hours and many late nights everybody still kept their cool and the project was finished just 2 days before the event the night of we installed the seats and after loading it in the trailer for the trip we noticed the exhaust tips needed some love, I can't complain if that was the only thing we missed. Here is a photos of our lead detailer tackling that last little obstacle before we drove away... Got to Love Building Cars!!!

The car was running and driving, sounded good, looked fantastic and drove on to the field under its own power. It seems to be a common occurrence with many shops however this was our first and only hard deadline... Assembly, proper presentation is a key factor for our show cars, they tend to require many months of trial and error, perfecting and correcting has always been our process. To know that we not only were very capable of a Pitch Perfect build with virtually no time, but we also succeeded in bringing this car back to life and once again she roared, the Forgotten Bull was back in the Ring.

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