Cops and Rodders at Seaport Village

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The Cop and Rodders show is a fun day of cars in the park. This event helps boost two organizations the Pontiac Historical club who organizes the event, and the San Diego Police Historical Society of which we have been acting members since its inception. We always make an effort to sponsor and attend this event that takes place at the Embarcadero park at Seaport Village. Over 20 Vintage Police vehicles are on display and many of the local car clubs attend in full force. We showed 2 Broncos and met a real nice guy who had been following our page and likes. We had posted an hour earlier that we had arrived and he asked if there was any more room, as a sponsor of the event needless to say we made sure he had a spot. Since then you may see in many of my posts that includes an extra White Bronco that is Manny's ride and he loves it as much as I love mine. We show together and have great conversations, it's something about the car business that you make friends everywhere you go! Since we first a good friendship has arose and he even snagged a Bronco off the market before I got there, lol lol it's well-deserved my man... good for you and Im on the Hunt for the next one...

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