Copperstate 1000 Road Rally

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The Bell Lexus Copperstate 1000 is Phoenix Art Museum's most unique fundraising event we attend. It is also one of the premier vintage car road rallies in North America, the Copperstate 1000 was created by the Men's Arts Council (MAC) in 1990.

This was our first Tour and Rally as Precious Metals Fine Motors Cars in the past I've attended several driving events and have always thought Copperstate was one of the best. We entered our 1966 Lamborghini for consideration months before the event. We began preparing the Vehicle to tackle 1000 miles of road rally miles. After a few weeks we got the call our car was accepted were are invited. Glancing over at the 400 and only 1 month left we figured this should be easy. We only had a few items to redo which we did and we made an all weather driver out of our race car, (lol wiper blade) with a tune up and sourcing a full set of mags we removed the wires wheels and went for it!

Arriving at Diablo Stadium we unloaded and got on the field about 5th in line to start the race. Automotive beauty adorned the field and all our friends were there some we hadn't seen in years and others we knew quite well, from day one this was going to be a fun event.

One of the best parts of this entire tour starts as a conversation 2 weeks prior. It never rains in Arizona I can still hear myself telling Dr. Mansfield don't worry it never rains in Arizona and it had never rained on this tour in 10 years!!! The good Doctor requested wipers on the race car "OK" after a simple modification from some parts we already had. We were able to modify a blade with "Limited" but ample viewing, lol lol. The first leg of the tour was a drive to Flagstaff where well you guessed it, Trenchal Downpour and snow, SNOW! I tell you in Arizona. Drivers braced themselves for some wicked weather a persevered through.

Leaving Flagstaff the next day was simple and easy the weather was much nicer and in a few short hours they would be back on the sunny flat lands heading to some very unique remote spots. After a days of driving and enjoying a good lunch the cars were back at the next Stop and stayed the night over before the final day. Up early and were off again, that day I recall traveling through a fun town named Jerome, and viewing acres and acres of cactus was a nice treat while heading through the national forest.

The tour ends with one of the best invites I've ever been a part of "Bondurant School of Racing and Test Track" Need I say more. The good people of the School not only catered a nice lunch for the group the opened up the back gate and let us in. After some quick safety checks and tutorials a spirited drive was ahead, it was only a lead and follow but to see some of the cars on the track and in their element was a delightful treat. Perry and Judith ran the old Bull for several laps and in the photos it can be seen chasing down a Daytona and sharing the lanes with some high level Porsche and Race cars of the era. The car had performed exceptionally well and made the drive from the track home to the hotel. We tucked him in the trailer for the night and sealed our trip. We made some great friends, great memories and the car breathed once again... in His full race regalia I'm sure Mr. 400 2+2 had a good time as well.

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