Barrett Jackson 2016

Barrett Jackson 2016
Harley Earl American Diner Sign
January 24th to January 29th 2016
Scottsdale, AZ

This was going to be a pretty exciting year at Barrett-Jackson. Not only did their docket have some very exciting cars, but we were a part of the action this year. We typically go to bid but have not sold there in recent years. This year we decided to run one of our Large Neon pieces through the sale. Our Harley Earls American Diner was lot #8699. Over 18ft long and 4 feet high, this vibrant sign lit up the room at the Gala event and its appearance on stage was quite an impact. Its uniqueness was surely valued as spirited bidding brought the sign to a $10,000 hammer down price, and after fees and such we received $8500 and were very happy. We tried to spend it before we left but unfortunately the prices at Barrett that year were a little above market and we passed on several lots.

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