Los Angeles Classic Auto Show

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The LA Classic Auto Show was in its first year and debuted at the LA Convention center in 2106. We are long time friends of the Petersen Museum and very active with the high line LA Car scene and were asked to display. Given the headliners and hype this show was pumping we felt it was a good fit to display some cool rides. As fate would have it a 2500 sq ft space opened up just days before the event and we wanted it. Although an expensive risk in strategy we bought our San Diego Markletto LA and showed up in full force, We had Broncos for the Beach and off-road community, we had two highly desirable exotics one of which a 1966 Lamborghini 400 catered to the racing or driving enthusiasts and a Pristine 330 GTC Ferrari recently finished and striking for the investor, our 1953 Chevrolet was going to be a local hit, and I have to say our all around general display was incredible. He had our seating area where Perry and I went Facebook live together (video to never be posted again, lol lol), we had some unique eye candy on display of our trophies and achievements, our Bronco drew attention from every angle of the convention hall. Standing tall and finished in eye popping stunning colors these 2 Vintage 4x4's really took the stage.

Over the course of 3 days we engaged many new clients and made a lot of new friends. Wayne Carini form Chasing classic cars stopped by the booth to say hi, famed automobile designer and host of Velocity TV's Overhaulin' Chip Foose stopped by as well as our good friend the Los Angelos Classic Car ambassador and all around good guy Bruce Meyer was in attendance and came over to chat and say hi. All and All it was a fantastic event, we cant wait to go back next year. Please look for us for 2108.

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