Veterans Day Parade

Veterans Day Parade 15th Annual
San Diego, CA
Mayor Kevin Faulconer
November 11th, 2015

Always in support of our local parades and events, this year was a real treat for 4th of July. When I asked who would be driving they said we cannot disclosure or confirm his identity. That had happened once before and it was Arnold "the Governator" unfortunately at the last minute it was canceled. So I was needless to say excited and waited patiently, to my surprise Mayor Kevin Faulconer was heading my way with his security and entourage. I shook hands with his secretary and she introduced me to the man who runs our city. I took him and his wife for a quick drive down Harbor blvd and through the parade, he made a speech to the crowd from inside the car and I was all over the news. He had asked especially for a 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air. I have seen him drive in two other events since then, and always in a 1955 Bel-Air. I think one day I'll have to sell him one. I'm glad I dressed the part and I looked like part of his security team.

Cal. Civ. Code ยง 1798.102 - Do Not Sell My Personal Information