San Marino Classics

San Marino Classics
CCCA Grand Classic
San Marino, CA
June 25th 2015

This show is put on by noted car collector Aaron Weiss. His passion for cars are the Full Size American classics of which he has many. This shows also caters to the CCCA and is their Grand Classic. I love this show not only for the beautiful setting but the fantastic variety of cars that show up. You will see everything in this show, from highly desirable prewar cars, Italian Classics, European and German Luxury, the race cars and Muscle have their own section. It is a car show for everyone. This year we brought the 1966 Lamborghini 400 2+2 I was in the preservation class although the car wasn't original it hadn't been touched since 1971 so I guess it complies. I did lose out to a Shelby an original 289 locally owned Pasadena car, never restored, never raced, little old man driving it, I thought Jan, Dean and the Beach boys were going to appear and start singing.

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