Coronado Cars on Main Street

Coronado Cars on Main Street
Coronado, CA
April 26th 2015
1972 Jarama and 1969 Jaguar E-Type

A very fun, very relaxing show without heavy scrutinized judging. I have watched this show evolve from a small local event in the park and has since extended to around the park, then up Park Blvd around on Flora Street and all the overflow fills up the entire block of Isabella. It has been growing every year and to date they accommodate 400 cars. Being local Coronado residents, we like to come out support the show and all the local businesses. This show attracts many of the local what I call "Hidden cars of Coronado". It's not a far drive but some of the cruise nights for Coronado residents is a bit much to travel for, and with late day traffic it can be a challenge as well, so you will seldom see Coronado cars on the mainland. This show is an excellent opportunity for us car guys to see some very interesting cars that do not show up at every meet. This year we drove over the 1969 Jaguar E-Type and the 1972 Jarama, I have shown in the past Bugatti's, Bentley's Vintage Rolls Royce's an Arnolt Bristol and a couple vintage Ferrari's. I can tell you in 10 years I have never won this event or anything at this event. I find it hard to believe people are bring out cars better than my 1 of 1 1954 Pegaso Spider to a local show, but none the less I enjoy this event and have a good day, wife brings the baby, Perry buys lunch, I get a free T-shirt with a fun drive home.

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