Coronado Speedfest 2014

Coronado Speedfest
North Island Navy Base San Diego
Vintage Racing
Military Displays

2014 was a fun year for the Coronado speedfest, this was pretty much one of our first shows at the new location. Precious Metals made quite a splash with a few nice cars. The 1972 Rolls-Royce is always a big hit at any event, the Jaguar attracted a lot of attention among many of the vintage racers. Perry drove the Mclaren, I brought out my 1955 Bel-Air Convertible on the first day. An off road truck race was new to the event and it was really entertaining to watch those big truck exercise themselves around the track. Very large, very loud, some speeds at which some of those guys came into the corners at were frightening. Shortly after their run it was time for the Trans Am cars and that is what everyone is waiting for. After the smell of race fuel settled, and engine sounds idled down we knew it was Sunday and race day was over. Check it out next year the Coronado Speedfest.

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