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Rick Cousineau
Master Technician


Way back in the 1400's Rick started his career by turning wrenches in Chicago, from there he moved on to working in odds and ends auto repair facilities. In 1974 he managed and supervised truck, tractor trailer and heavy equipment repairs with his partner and friend Gerald Marolda. In 1980 Gerry Marolda bought a Ferrari road car. He and Rick joined the Ferrari club of Chicago and the Ferrari, Italian exotic car saga began.

Since that time, he has worked continuously on Italian sports cars. He has restored and repaired some of the most important Vintage sports cars known, His accolades include renown for creating, arguably the finest Ferrari Lusso restoration as noted in the Ferrari market letter. His cars have been featured in magazines, books, and numerous concourse events. Although his focus and enjoyment have been in the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati vintage arena, Rick has serviced and restored many other great vintage marques including Jaguar, Aston Martin, BMW, Porsche, Lancia, Abarth, Alfa- Romeo, Bentley and Rolls Royce. He has serviced and restored Zagato bodied cars including the one-off Lancia Milla Miglia racecar and Abarth cars. He restored the Silver Dawn from President Somoza. This car remains incomplete in restoration due to the untimely death of his friend and partner of 27 years Gerry Marolda.

After Gerry's death, Rick teamed up with Perry Mansfield, MD in a small garage primarily restoring and preserving his collection of vintage automobiles. This was the beginning of Precious Metals Fine Motor Cars of San Diego. With the team in place Precious Metals has grown to a, state of the art full service and restoration facility dedicated to the preservation, service and restoration of fine vintage automobiles.

Rick's knowledge and experience are unparalleled in the field of Vintage car restoration. He is continually sought after for automobile restoration from renowned collectors and owners of vintage automobiles. He has earned his reputation well as "Master Mechanic".