1964 Ford Thunderbird

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The rarest of all Thunderbird variants is the Sport Roadsters. Ford produced them on their third generation vehicles in model years, 1962 and 1963. A very, very limited number were completed in 1964 on the heavily revised fourth generation platform believed to have only built 50 units this is an true example of that limited series.

The Sports Roadster included 48-spoke Kelsey Hayes-designed wire wheels and a special fiberglass tonneau cover for the rear seats which gave the car the appearance of a two-seat roadster reminiscent of original Thunderbird. The Sports Roadster package while immensely beautiful was slow-selling due the extremely high price of the package. Ford's records provide the following information only 1427 made in ’62, only 455 made in ’63 and a mere 50 made in ’64.

The 1962 and 1963 Sports Roadsters were identified by unique VIN numbers, but the limited number of 1964 versions were not. The optioned 1964 vehicles were either factory ordered or dealer installed. Factory optioned 1964 thunderbirds came with the tonneau cover, 14” Kelsey Hayes wire wheels and a fender skirt delete package. Dealer installed cars came with the tonneau cover but with fender skirts and 15” steel wheels, wheel covers with knock-off hubs (spinners) because the original Kelsey Hayes wire wheels interfered with the fender skirts.

It is believed by some Thunderbird enthusiast that some evidence of fender skirt pins can be found on the rear wheel wells of these cars that no longer have skirts. Cars that have aftermarket Kelsey Hayes wire wheels could have fender shirts because the wheels were made with a slightly different offset and did not interfere with the fender skirts.

This particular Sport Roadster is believed to have been an special order with a more elegant wheel and did include factory tonneau cover sports roadster option but with 15 inch wheels option. Possibly equipped prior to delivering thus eliminating the fender skirts and adding the correct date coded 14” Kelsey Hayes wire wheels, as no evidence of the skirt pins exist and proof of its original build is stated on the invoice.

Many 1964-1966 Sports Roadster ”clones” exist but only documented 1964’s can really be considered as representative of the very special 50 optioned cars produced. This particular Sport Roadster is authenticated by the original Ford invoice through the Eminger/Marti Reports, They also reproduced the original window sticker based on the original invoice which is included.

This original and fully documented Sport Roadster has had a full and complete body-off restoration in the late 80s-early 90s. Upon completion, in 1991 it was awarded the AACA National First Prize Winner and it has been lovingly maintained, preserved and conserved since.

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